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Fastighets Ab Kristinestads Bostäder is owned by the town of Kristinestad and it’s issue is to own and manage rental housing. We offer more than 250 rental apartments situated in the center of Kristinestad and in it’s villages, Lappfjärd, Tjöck, Dagsmark, Skaftung and Sideby.
Fill in our housing application, and we will contact you when we can offer you a rental apartment. You can also visit our office, but we request you kindly to contact us by phone beforehand.

CEO Tom Heinonen 040 847 1440       Rental coordinator Maria Viikilä 050 595 2345

Applying for housing

You must be 18 years of age to sign a tenancy agreement and the apartment application must be done in writing. You can fill in the apartment application on our website or send it by mail or email. The normal deposit is one month’s rent and we will check your credit information for every apartment application. If the applicant has small payment defaults the tenancy application can be accepted with up to three month’s rent as deposition. An agreement will not be signed with persons who have arrears of rent to Kristinestads Bostäder. Fastighets Ab Kristinestads Bostäder Kiinteistö Oy reserves the right to freely choose the tenant.  

You must always terminate the tenancy agreement in writing either via the website, by email or by visiting our office. According to law the tenant can terminate a tenancy agreement with a notice period of one (1) month. Please notice that the termination period starts from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice of termination was given. Moving day is the last day of your tenancy agreement and the apartment must be emptied and cleaned when you leave it.

When moving in you will get the keys from a representant of Kristinestads Bostäder. When the landlord gives you the keys, you will also get a written receipt as proof that you have received the keys. Additional keys must always be ordered via Kristinestads Bostäder. Contact our office and we will help you.
When moving out the tenant must return all the keys to the property to the representant of Kristinestads Bostäder (janitor or personnel of KRS Bostäder). If you don’t return all the keys, you will be charged the real costs for the change of locks and new keys. The locks will be changed if the tenant hasn’t returned all the keys.

If you have questions about the apartment or your tenancy agreement, please contact the landlord Fastighets Ab Kristinestads Bostäder. Any damages or faults in your apartment must according to law immediately be reported to your landlord. In urgent matters, please contact the on-call property services by phone. Urgent matters can e.g. be a longer power cut, water damage, total drain blockage or a broken fridge.

On call property services: KG Fast +358 400 664 688
On evenings or weekends only urgent matters. If your matter is not urgent, the service will not be done on evenings or weekends.
Complaints about neighbours must always be given in writing, either by SMS, email or via form on our website.

Contact the janitor if you by mistake have locked yourself outside of your apartment. The janitor or a representant for KRS Bostäder will come and open the door and he/she has right to charge 10€ on weekdays at 16.00–08.00, 50 € on Saturdays and 75 € on Sundays and holidays. If you have lost your keys, please contact our office immediately.

Applying for Housing

Fill in our housing application carefully, and we will contact you when we can offer you a rental apartment.

Personal details of the applicant

Applicant 2 - personal details for spouse/partner


Primary rental apartment

Secondary alternative

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